You can skip your caffeine kick today and get moving with Dutch hardcore outfit Manu Armata instead. Their churning, roiling tunes are standard hardcore fare with enough blast beats and gang vocals to make any fan of the genre happy. Although the tunes aren’t revolutionary, Manu Armata delivers with a driven intensity worthy of recognition. For thirteen years this crushing quartet has been perfecting their art, and November 2020’s Invictus (Useless Pride Records) might be their new apex.

Back to the coffee metaphor, Manu Armata is now offering a premium-bean download of the fourth track from Invictus, “Nothing is Given.” The band sums up the tune as follows:

“‘Nothing is Given’ is the Manu Armata singalong song, making you long for a classic pile on and a fist-in-the-air, full-hearted scream along.”

The blistering, 2:21 effort encapsulates the best of Manu Armata and begs for repeated listens. Railing vocals carry listeners along to a brief breakdown and cacophonic climax punctured with machine-gun double bass. It’s heavy, it’s fast, it’s fun; you get the vibes. Download the tune, and follow the “Nothing is Given” command to “wake up with a purpose.”

Artwork for ‘Invictus’ by Manu Armata