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Watch Oddysseys’ VHS-Inspired “Where the Nights Will Go” Music Video [Premiere]



Don’t you just long for those days where the VHS tape and VCR reigned supreme? Well, on second thought maybe not, but there’s no denying that there was a unique retro quality about the VHS cassette that has long passed us by. With both originality and ingenuity, Oddysseys are taking you back to the days of your childhood with their new music video for “Where the Nights Will Go.”

The band, who we introduced you to this past summer with the premiere of their “Body Heat” single, have gone against the grain, eschewing the qualities and advantages of HD, in favour of a more vintage presentation. The video is the third in a series that Oddysseys are producing that is meant to accompany each track on their debut album, Odd Behavior, which was released in April 2019. Every video will be produced, directed, and edited entirely by the band members themselves in a highly ambitious audiovisual endeavour.

Explaining at length the story behind the video and its concept, the band said, “We shot ‘Where the Nights Will Go’ guerilla-style on our VHS cameras in a number of different locations throughout Boston, our home city. We’re always looking to pay homage to our roots, and we’re proud that this video features some of our scene’s local collaborators and our favourite spots around the city (and the MBTA <333). This video is the third in a sequence of videos that we’re releasing to accompany each song on our debut album, Odd Behavior, all of which we’re producing, directing, and editing ourselves.

Our previous two videos are a bit more ambitious in questioning the consequences of seeking unattainable euphoria while lost in the most disappointing of realities. This time, we wanted to show a much more understandable comparison between the expectations vs reality of a night out. For us, ‘WTNWG’ is mainly about potential; specifically what a night could entail for a person who feels lonely or often overlooked. It’s about an idea of what could be that becomes so romanticized, that even the smallest of disappointments become that much more crushing. Every action takes on a new sense of importance in a social setting, and ‘Where the Nights Will Go’ kind of walks you through the slights and cold shoulders that can build up through a night (whether they’re intentional or not) and the lasting effect they have on someone’s sense of worth.”

The band continues: “That’s why we decided to share this video last in this three video sequence, because it’s so rooted in reality. At the surface, it just takes you through another forgettable night out. It’s something most people have either felt or experienced before, and after exploring the worlds of fantasy and the space in between dreams and reality, we wanted to show our perspective on how this all manifests itself in our day to day experiences.

We chose to utilize our VHS cameras as opposed to something a bit more HD to emphasize how personal and timeless the perception of isolation can be. The cameras we used were passed down to us by our parents, and we hope that this comes across as something of a home video/DIY documentary and a more personalized version of our experiences on a night in our city.”

The release of the impressive new “Where the Nights Will Go” video is consistent with the band’s goal of bringing you a multi-media presentation of their music with bassist Paul DiRico overseeing the direction of all of the band’s music videos. After attending university in Los Angeles together, the band members decided to make Chicago their new home. It’s been an eventful year for them since the release of Odd Behavior with lots more in the works. Their With You EP was just released in June, preceded by the release of the singles “Goon” and “Testimony” last December. It’s all been a big progression since they first emerged in 2016 with the release of their Odd EP. A working-class band through and through, Oddysseys are determined to plow forward, writing and releasing music as the most genuine and authentic version of themselves.

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