“Always Orbed”

Sitting in my chair,
I gaze upon the sky.
She’s scarred and yellow
Like the whites of my eyes.

I’m pondering the thought
Deep, down inside,
Yet, no answers are found
To turn the tide.

I’m getting stiff,
My eyes are dry.
The world is waiting
Yet, should I try?

I feel her power,
As the thunder cracks again
And finally realize,
That to try is sane.

It’s a world we live in,
Of chaos and mistrust.
I have the friends,
Relationships through lust.

My heart is bleeding,
I need some sign.
To show me how,
To regain my mind.

I do one thing,
And my friends do another.
I immediately switch,
So that they can call me brother.

The world, she’s turning,
The planets, they’re revolving.
I can’t quench my yearning,
Why are we de-evolving?

Originally written: July 8, 2002


Born in 2003, V13 was a socio-political website that, in 2005, morphed into PureGrainAudio and spent 15 years developing into one of Canada's (and the world’s) leading music sites. On the eve of the site’s 15th anniversary, a full re-launch and rebrand takes us back to our roots and opens the door to a full suite of Music, Film, TV, and Cultural content.