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“Quiet Man in a Loud World”



There is something to be said about someone who does not say much.  It could mean that a person is a complete fool and has nothing at all to say, or that he is an extremely intelligent and pensive man who only speaks when he knows something needs to be said. It’s a true yet sad fact that far too many people talk without thinking or listen without hearing, and I am sure that many of us have met people such as these.

Grandpa, I am not sure whether your silence was a gradual thing or if you were always like this, but it is an excellent quality to have or to have gained. Why say something when it does not need to be said? Why bother to hurt someone’s feelings when one’s mouth could have remained shut? People such as these (unfortunately there are too many of them) do not even realize what they are saying or who they themselves are.

So, continue to enjoy your time in silence and surround yourself in deep thought, for this simple procedure makes time slow to a crawl, keeps unpleasant people and feelings at bay, and makes life linger a whole lot longer.

Written: September 19, 2001

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