Ok… so, now that I got that off of my chest, I feel better. I was sitting here, as I am today, about a week ago, writing my second installment of “the note.” I finished the entire thing and then what happens? As I am uploading the pic to attach to the note, Facebook shuts down for maintenance and the whole article is lost. FUCKing hell!!! Right? Well, I could have been pissed and it was a total brain-seizure to go through that, but, if it weren’t for that incident, then I would not be here with this new note for y’all!

You see we ALL go through stresses each and every day. Sure, some days are worse than others, and there are times when we may feel as if the whole world is against us, but, in all honesty, we ALL also know that the opposite will also soon arise (whatever up or down you’re going through)! So, recently I have been stressed, for sure more than usual. Ironically, I am not the type of person to let things get to me, but when there are so many little things attacking our minds at once it can become too much! But you know what… life’s a bitch and all we can do is deal!

So, dealing I am. Maybe, I have been a little be short this past week, but we are not perfect. At least I recognize when I am and can stave it off in the future. Bottom line, even though you might already know it, get through the bad times and you will be stronger, get through the rough patches, and you will next time be able to survive longer, get through all the shit and then, even when you think “is this it?”, you will persevere. Mind over matter. Mind over body. Mind yourself!

I am feeling better today… much better. And what irony do I always smirk about? Well, shit sorts itself out and I say to myself, “…this whole damn time I was wasting my energy and hairline for nothing!” The stress is abating or almost gone and it’s only a week later. Why did I worry for no reason? So… have a drink, smoke a joint, go to the gym, hit up our new favourite sex buddy and just let your worries go. Worries are like love… the more we clench our fists, the more the desired outcome eludes us. Until next time, find your inner-buddha and, the next time it occurs, try to just avoid the stress by simply letting go!

Oh, and what was that other post?

“People equal shit.
Shit is the body ridding itself of harmful toxins.
Therefore shit is beautiful and necessary.
Therefore shitty people are beautiful and necessary!”

P.s. this time I saved this motherfucker in case it wanted to crap out on me again! LOL!

Original post date: December 8, 2006, at 14:32 est