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Emersxn Louis Highlights His Top 10 Australian Fashion Designers



Gold Coast hip-hop artist, Emersxn Louis shines at the forefront of the Australian trap scene with slick production, hints of downtempo vibes, and an unapologetic attitude. He’s young, confident, talented, and committed to building a sound that captures attention both at home and abroad. His latest single, “Playboy Type,” dropped on September 11th, 2020, and draws from Emersxn’s experience with a drug overdose. Channelling his most extreme experiences – including dropping out of high school, overdosing, and finding himself homeless in 2018 – Emersxn Louis doesn’t shy away from the underbelly of reality, and his honest interaction with hardship lends his music a gravitas and gritty authenticity that audiences rapaciously respond to.

While writing slammin’ tunes and honing his craft, Emersxn also tends to look pretty good while he does it. With a sharp eye for fashion, he’s always on the lookout for edgy urban wear to help accentuate his style and artistic expression. Through years of following Aussie fashion, with an ear to the ground for the underground and avante-garde, Emersxn Louis is instinctually tapped into the local fashion scene, and, in this sartorial Top 10, the burgeoning artist joins us to give props to his favourite Australian fashion designers.


“Philip is an upcycler out of Melbourne. I’ve been following him for a minute no;, he up cycle designs the waviest pieces I’ve seen. He creates exquisite collages out of material and you are simply wearing art when you wear his pieces. He also has his own clothing line, ‘New Riot,’ which is simplistic, dope street wear.”

9. Anna Quan

“She’s a household name when it comes to my favourite, classic pieces. Although her designs are timeless and chic, I always love that Anna Quan spin on tried-and-tested items. Her pieces are the ultimate example of style and structure. I don’t know… I get like this urban, biblical feel from her designs. I really enjoy seeing a woman down the street or somewhere random wearing her pieces, they always catch my eye.”

8. Chris Ran Lin

“Designer Chris Ran Lin grew up in China and moved to Melbourne over ten years ago, honing his craft at RMIT and launching his label in 2013. He blends old school techniques with a new school aesthetic to a profound effect. It’s a goal of mine to model his work someday, I’m a huge fan.”

Artwork for “Playboy Type” by Emersxn Louis

7. Ex Infinitas by Lukas Vincent

Lukas Vincent has won my respect for creating the first ever surf wear label that I would actually wear; if I had to wear his pieces everyday I wouldn’t have any issue with it. The fact his premium materials are oversized as well just make me even more fond. Ex Infinitas is one of those labels that, when you wear it, you’re always making a statement.”

6. Perks and Mini by Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey

“Man, these two are a husband and wife duo and they just be on their wavy shit. Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey established in 2000, but I got my first piece from their label in like 2017. My mother came across the brand, and got me a tee; she is always on the look out for labels she thinks I’d love. Ever since, I’ve been obsessed with their collections. I’ll be wearing one of their pieces in my next music video, actually.”

5. Templa Projects by Rob Maniscalo

Rob Maniscalo has mastered the art of high performance outwear; his fits are for snowboarders and other urban warriors, but fashion kings have also taken his designs to the streets. Templa Projects has been one of my favourite brands for a minute now. When they collaborated with Raf Simmons it brought so much attention to the label, so now everybody kinda knows about them. I can’t wait to see what else they release in the near future.”

4. Ten Pieces by Maurice Terzini

“The central idea behind this brand is that you can mix and match up to ten pieces at once, thereby serving as a canvas for your own artistic whims. Ultimately, there is no situation or environment this Australian fashion brand can’t handle.”

3. Claude Maus by Rob Maniscalo

“This label established the same year I was born, 1999. This avant garde label has become a go-to name in Australia for streamlined-yet-brooding fashion creations that air slightly on the dark side. I love how much designer Rob Maniscalo loves black, and I love how he just designs what I wish I could wear everyday. I’m a crazy fan for his work; this is another label I want to walk or model one day.”

2. Himumimdead by Pauly Bonomelli

“His custom pieces include patch-worked denim and leather jackets, tees, hoodies, and jackets with scraggly marker writings and designs all over. These designs take inspiration from everything from Metallica to Madonna, and are put together in a way that results in cohesive, one of a kind grunge creations. Bonomelli has worked with some of my favourite artists, and I hope that we can work together sometime in the future.”

1. Nana Judy by Glenn Coleman

For over a decade Nana Judy has been at the forefront of the Aussie urbane fashion scene. This is premium street wear with a classic look that won’t break the bank. A lot of my homies wear this brand, and I find myself buying a piece frequently. The name, Nana Judy, was inspired from Grandma Takes a TripColeman’s grandma was a seamstress, designing and creating one-off individual garments for the famous in the late ‘60s and ‘70s. This brand will thrive for a very long time and continue to be one of my favourites.”