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Don’t Miss Natural Mystery Museum’s Brand New “Sixes & Sevens” Music Video [Premiere]



We’re offering you a free tour, today, of the Natural Mystery Museum. The main attraction will be this dynamic young group’s new music video for their “Sixes & Sevens” single. There is loads of ‘70s spirit that’s alive and well in both the song and its accompanying video, which shows the trio being interviewed on a TV talk show before they take to the stage and start doing their rock n’ roll thing.

Before you know it, the train derails off of the tracks, and the host starts freaking out. The video clip perfectly encapsulates that ‘70s talk show spirit, from the fashion right down to the colours, and the talk show host set. It also allows you to catch a glimpse of the band and their reserved yet intense performance that’s just pure rock n’ roll joy.

Explaining the rationale behind the “Sixes & Sevens” video, lead singer and bassist Perry Read said, “The weirder the better. We made a video that melds a bit of surreal comedy and dark occult themes through the lens of a ‘70s talk show that progressively degrades into a full-blown psychedelic trip. Basically, a bit of tongue in cheek escapism for a year most people can’t wait to escape from.”

The talented Read is complemented by the very capable twosome of guitarist Tikz Whitaker, and drummer Tom Triggs. Originating from North London, the band has had a short, but productive history. They sound extremely evolved for an outfit that only first got together in 2018. Musically speaking, there are no limitations when it comes to Natural Mystery Museum, as everything is on the table. There’s a lot of groove in their sound that shines right through the razor-sharp guitar riffs, gritty vocals, and unconventional rhythms.

Keeping it raw is the name of the game as you can hear dating back to their debut EP, Volume 0, released last year. They recently hit the studio to record their follow-up, Illusionary Tales, which builds off the organic approach to their debut. Natural Mystery Museum has taken the rule book, torn it to shreds, and thrown it away. This is full-fledged rock n’ roll here, with some much-needed attitude to boot.

Artwork for ‘Sixes & Sevens’ by Natural Mystery Museum