There’s a “Storm” of destruction coming so you best watch out because it’s starting to spiral right towards you. You have hard rockers Evandale to thank for this pending musical downpour, one which will hit when they issue their brand new studio album All Or Nothing later this year. The follow-up to their early 2019 self-titled debut EP, the new album is led by “Storm,” a single blistering with conviction and attitude, and which sounds like it was pulled right out of the ‘80s when rock n’ roll was less complicated and bands were more concerned with rocking your ass off than getting caught up with social and political causes.

Composed of some of the finest rock musicians in Omaha, Nebraska, Evandale has their focus set squarely on making fun, upbeat, and relatable rock n’ roll that appeals to anyone with a taste for stadium-sized riffs, and hard, pounding drums.

As a song, “Storm” is intended to give you a swift kick of motivation when you may need it the most. Said the band, “This song is written in a way that our fans will be able to relate in a multitude of ways. Whether it be life goals, a promotion you’re going for, weight loss/muscle gain, or maybe you’re just being lazy. Life can become overwhelming at times, if you don’t look internally at what you can do to make change happen, then you’ll never take back your life and live free of doubt and frustration. A line from the single, ‘You can’t outrun the rain when you’re THE STORM!’ says it all.”

The men who compose Evandale have been mainstays of the Omaha rock n’ roll scene for many years now. The band initially formed in mid-2017 in, where else, but an Omaha bar where they decided to join forces for the betterment of local rock music. Guitarist and singer Chad Riche was already a well-known musician in the region thanks to his work with Venaculas and has become indispensable to the sound of Evandale, thanks to his epic riffs that form the backbone of their sound. Drummer Ryan Lang had also been a valuable contributor to the Omaha scene for several years as a result of his presence in Dirtfedd and bassist and singer Cody Du had already garnered a lot of praise for his vocals as a member of Forever Endeavor. Believe it or not, Evandale is lead singer Eddie Jay’s first-ever original group, having only been discovered by the group when they stumbled upon a YouTube video of him singing “We All Die Young” by Steel Dragon as part of a cover band. With such deep ties to Omaha, each member has become deeply involved in the local music scene as well as the local community.

With a bold sound and a mission statement to rock your socks off, Evandale are about to become Omaha’s premiere rock act. As we await the release of All Or Nothing, you have time to prepare yourself to get enthralled with the band’s killer three-part harmonies that will leave you asking for more.

Artwork for ‘All or Nothing’ by Evandale

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