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Album Review

Crown Lands – ‘Wayward Flyers Vol. 1’ [EP] [Album Review]



When opening the new issue of Guitar World, I saw a photo that recreated a time and space of youth. ‘Twas a gentleman playing a double-neck Rickenbacker, much like his predecessor Geddy Lee; I was sold on this band after one single photo and captivated to the point I had to know everything about them. “By-Tor And The Snow Dog” Canada: I hear they have good beer and weed up there, never been, but charmed by really nice, polite people.

Not lumping this band into frequently grouped retroacts, one can see Crown Lands expanding their outlook into stadium-based sensationalism. While there are similarities between Led Zeppelin III, Mississippi John Hurt, Son House (nice dobro) and countless others, it’s amazing what this two-man act can accomplish.

The cover art by Quinn Henderson retells the tail of folklore such as album art for Yes’ Fragile or Uriah Heep’s The Magician’s Birthday, but with today’s fashion of releasing EPs over long-players, this comes packaged in a beautiful 10″ LP, staying true to the archives of roots rock and roll.

An EP to get excited about, Wayward Flyers Vol. 1 is a journey away from civilization; social distancing with a piece-of-mind revival. What Crown Lands crams into fifteen minutes and eight seconds is worth a lifetime of entertainment, and “Does anyone remember laughter?”

Wayward Flyers Vol. 1 Track Listing:

1. Howlin’ Back Again
2. Roving On
3. The Witching Hour
4. Birds
5. No Sympathy

Run Time: 15:08
Release Date: June 11, 2020
Record Label: Universal Music Canada

I was born in the late 60's amongst hippies and bikers. Cut my teeth on 70's rock and roll surrounded by motorheads and potheads, and in the 80's spread my wings and flourished as a guitarist. In the 90's I became a semi-professional musician knocking on death metals door, as well as entering the world as a freelance writer. In the 2000's I moved to Hollywood and watched the music industry crumble in front of my dreams and then took a break. Now, in the early 2020s I'm ready to rock again… or swing, blues, bluegrass, country, jazz, classical, etc. Its not so much a job to me anymore, but a great way to express myself and have a good time, and, "I know, its only rock and roll but I like it".