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Volcanova’s “Sushi Sam” Video Ponders Whether Lucifer Walks Among Us [Premiere]



Take cover because there’s a mountain of awesome ready to boil over and spew lava everywhere. That’s right, Icelandic hard rockers Volcanova have arrived and are ready to make a mess with their brand new music video, “Sushi Sam.” The song is lifted from the trio’s debut album, Radical Waves, which is due out on August 21st through The Sign Records.

As for the guys’ quirky new video, it sees them taking part in some organized chaos, complete with a big platter of sushi and, yes, even a fish whipping. Just wait until Lucifer makes his presence felt about three minutes into the video… Who knew the “evil on” could play such bad-ass guitar riffs?

The band shed some light on the presence of Lucifer and his unexpected affinity for sushi, noting, “Does Lucifer walk among us? If he does, wouldn’t we notice him? The devil has an ace up his sleeve and has found a way to maintain his human form so he may roam this earth unnoticed. How does he do it? By eating sushi. A lot, of sushi.”

Now that that’s been cleared up, let us tell you some more about this infectiously groovy trio. Hailing from Reykjavík, Iceland, Volcanova has spilled over to offer you a new take on desert rock in the mould of genre innovators such as Kyuss. Founded in 2014, the band is principally led by singer and guitarist Samúel Ásgeirsson who, after running through a few bassists and drummers, finally came upon Þorsteinn Árnason of Rock Paper Sisters and Dagur Atlason of Churchhouse Creepers to be up to the task.

They long ago began to make a name for themselves in their homeland, becoming a regular at Eistnaflug Festival and touring alongside Elder, Brain Police, Sólstafir, and The Vintage Caravan. With that experience under their belt, the group is now ready to slay the masses abroad, with the people of Scotland already offering their full approval after two separate trips there. It’s time to be prepared because you’re about to feel, and hear, some Radical Waves coming your way.

Artwork for ‘Radical Waves’ by Volcanova