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Take a Moment to “Celebrate” Prospect Hill’s New Lyric Video [Premiere]



There’s no better time than now to celebrate the return of Prospect Hill, who, today, unveil their new lyric video for the party-ready single, “Celebrate.” It’s been a long road, but along the way, Prospect Hill has continued to reach new creative milestones and “Celebrate” is no exception. The lyric video depicts a lot of people in a celebratory mode but, reading between the lines, the song’s lyrics dictate a different story. The track addresses the underlying anger and anxiety given our current social climate and, ultimately, ponders why we can’t just enjoy our time with each other.

Although the song has been written for a few months, it’s unexpectedly taken on a greater meaning that the members of Prospect Hill could never have anticipated.

Here to explain is drummer and lyricist Mark Roberge who shares, “When writing ‘Celebrate’ we had no idea that we would be releasing it during such a strange time. We didn’t know just how relevant the song would be to the current state of the world. The lyric video, however, was created during this and allowed us to paint a narrative that tells a story of where we are, where we used to be, how we got here, and where we will be. This song is now an anthem for all of us that have felt caged and subdued to the pandemic and missing the good times. This song is a reminder of those times and also an assurance that they will be back.”

Prospect Hill has been providing reassuring rock n’ roll going all the way back to 1998. That was the year that Roberge and guitarist Derek Rousseau met in elementary school and started a band. The group developed over the course of the next several years with the final piece finally put in place when frontman Adam Fithian joined in 2006.

Even though there were many line-up changes during this time, Prospect Hill is now back in its original form with all members, including bassist Edgar Troncoso and guitarist John Roberge, now back in the fold. Their debut album, For The Lovers, The Haters and The Dead, was released in 2008 and immediately became a local hit which was then topped by the release of Impact in 2011, the band’s most commercially successful record. Now with a new single here, Prospect Hill is busy readying a new album which can only mean there will be lots more to “Celebrate” soon.

Artwork for “Celebrate” by Prospect Hill