Wigan trio Deepshade is a criminally-smooth cocktail of grunge, psych-rock, and metal with fuzzed-out garage tones and stoned-and-naked-in-the-desert vibes. Despite hailing from the Northwest of England, this grooving, gnashing outfit perfect the sunburnt rock of the Southwest US of A, curating a pulverizing sound most reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age. With their killer new album, Soul Divider, out May 1st, Deepshade is poised to make some serious waves; full-on, hang-ten-into-oblivion, seismic waves.

To help audiences prep for the rock ‘n’ roll reckoning their tunes might just kick off, Deepshade – made up of vocalist/guitarist David Rybka, bassist Tommy Doherty, and drummer Chris Oldfield – are offering their slamming tune “Ganzua” as a free song download.

On the song, the band says: “Ganzua is Spanish for Picklock. The lyrics are about how you can use a picklock in life, in your mind, in your struggles and fears, to help get out of a situation. The song came together in the practice room quite a few years back, but we’ve only just included it on the latest record. It was definitely the right choice as the album closer, it’s such a heavy hitter.”

The six-minute track starts with an alluring bass line before going full thrash-rock, writhing like some monolithic sand creature until Rybka’s soaring vocals take the reins and guide “Ganzua” home. Grab the tune and enjoy a sonic wallop courtesy of Deepshade.

Artwork for ‘Soul Divider’ by Deepshade