Houston, Texas-based group, Hindsight are, today, unveiling their brand new single and music video, “Where We Found Hope.” This is the first in a series of videos to drop ahead of the release of the brand new studio EP, Catalyst, which is due out this summer. “Where We Found Hope” is the first glimpse of what’s to come in this new iteration of Hindsight’s sound, something they are very excited to be slowly revealing to their fans over the coming months.

Naturally, Hindsight is excited to be embarking on this new musical journey, as they explained for themselves, “With our first release in over three years, we are excited to premier the first of a series of music videos we will be releasing in the near future to support our upcoming EP Catalyst. This song is dedicated to the healing power of music for those who sometimes receive the right message at the right time that helps them overcome some form of struggle in their lives. It also represents a call to all musicians that no matter how discouraged the world around us may make us feel about our desire to make music, the internal drive to do so can often be something positive for others listening (including ourselves).”

In commenting on the music video for “Where We Found Hope,” the group stated, “Lastly, with this video, we also suggest that musical expression is something musicians should continuously pursue no matter what entities regulate how the general public consumes media and/or art. With regards to the video, this first release will represent the first segment of a connected five-part story with each song representing a new chapter in the central characters’ lives while also tying in the message of each song.”

Further elaborating on the album as a whole, they add, “In general, this EP will very much represent a sonic evolution compared to our previous releases. In particular, the upcoming EP will feature our love of electronic and industrial music while we also simultaneously reveal our live rock and metal roots. In particular for this track, the drum and bass take a significant tone-setting role. We are very much excited to finally be sharing it with everyone. While many of our spring concert dates have been greatly affected by COVID-19, we felt it was important to move forward with the release of this track. We figured that a song about hope through struggle was something positive we could put out right now.”

Although their history extends back to 2010, the current lineup of Hindsight came together in 2013, right after the release of the Momentum album. In addition to founding members, singer and guitarist Brad Lambert and guitarist Andrew Jastram, the current lineup also includes bassist Jesse Huerta and drummer Lincoln LaCour. Musically, you could put them somewhere along the lines of a ‘90s alternative rock group with modern metal influences. Catalyst marks a new era for the band since it’s set to be a more expanded, exploratory version of their sound which longtime fans may be surprised by. With a lot to look forward to, let Hindsight be the Catalyst for better times to come.

Artwork for ‘Catalyst’ by Hindsight

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