You’re getting two for the price of one today, so let’s not get excessive, ok? Brand new band Sik Oheso is releasing their self-titled debut on March 27th, but you get to hear it here, now! If that’s not good enough, we’re also giving away a free download of the album opener “Suds.”

The self-titled, ten-track, indie punk extravaganza is a collection of all of the best singles and EPs that the band has released in their short time together. What’s different this time around, though, is that the tracks have actually been mixed to their full potential, and received the treatment which proper releases are due with many of the songs being deeply personal.

“Suds” is one of the standout tracks from the record, one that deals with the overpowering, long-term stain of shame and guilt that you just can’t get past. Lead singer Shawn Mehrens explains; “‘Suds’ is about soap-proof guilt, about the terrible feeling you’ve done something hurtful to a good friend and that no matter what you do to make it up to them, even if you slept in suds forever you still couldn’t get that shit off your hands. As with most of our songs, Jon wrote the music and emailed it to me without vocals, and I musta been trapped in a helluva hungover shame-spiral when I wrote the lyrics for this one because the song still really makes me want to wash my hands. It’s fuckin catchy though! I get it stuck in my head.”

Barely one year old, Sik Oheso originally started out as a solo project of Yi that he planned to only pursue for more personal reasons. You see, Yi is a highly accomplished individual outside of music, primarily as a filmmaker who has directed series work for HBO for over a decade and also as a professor at the world-renowned Tisch School of the Arts at New York University. As a musician, Yi originally committed himself to releasing one song a month in 2019, with the assistance of Mehrens on vocals.

When their first song, “Everyone Will Die,” was included on the “Fresh Finds” playlist as selected by the editors of Spotify, and a second single was recognized even further on Spotify, Yi and Mehrens became more motivated to pursue the project as a more committed endeavour. To transition the project to a full-fledged band, the two discovered Nashville guitarist Lance Lee (Del Tha Funkee Homosapien) and Wild Ones’ Seve Sheldon to complete the lineup. With it still being early days, Sik Oheso continue to figure things out and flesh out their sound. All we can say is so far, so good.

Sik Oheso Track Listing:

1. Suds
2. Where the Buffalo Sleep
3. Animalia
4. All Makes Sense
5. Space Ice
6. Bad Tide
7. Everyone Will Die
8. Idiots Can’t Fly
9. On the Roll
10. Spun

Artwork for ‘Sik Oheso’ by Sik Oheso

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