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Kat Hamilton – “Medicine Line” [Free Song Download]



Singer and songwriter Kat Hamilton is getting closer and closer to revealing her Recovery Songs that she hopes can serve as a source of comfort in an otherwise frightening and uncertain world. Though these songs were written well before our current global health crisis, Hamilton is hitting the right mark at the right time with her new record, Recovery Songs, due for release later this year.

If there’s a common theme that binds together the album’s nine songs, it’s one of resilience and triumph. It’s a very personal work, looking deeper into Hamilton’s past personal trauma and struggles with addiction. It’s about getting knocked down and having the will to find a way to get back up, dust yourself off and carry on. Recovery Songs is Hamilton’s own story of going through hell and the transition required to return to a place of happiness.

Released last month, and available now as a free download, “Medicine Line” is the first new music to come from Recovery Songs. Needless to say, it’s a song that strikes an emotional chord. As Hamilton explains, “‘Medicine Line’ cuts really close to my bone. The song starts in a recovery center and ends with healing. When I was writing it, I wanted to make sure I was as honest as possible. I always asked myself ‘How can I be more honest? what is the truth here?’ It’s already been a beautiful experience to receive messages of support for this single. People are telling me their stories. That’s more meaningful than any traditional definition of musical success. I don’t need to be cool, I just want to be heard.”

Interestingly enough, the west coast artist wrote the album in chronological order. The purpose was to offer listeners a true journey from start to finish that acts as a true representation of Hamilton’s own musical and emotional progression. It was written in the time subsequent to her departure from the popular east coast pop-punk group Manic Pixi in 2017. Around this time, Hamilton fully committed herself to the long hard road of well-being and, when she completed her stay at a recovery center, writing these songs became her method of coping.

With a new lease on life, Hamilton is excited for what’s to come, both personally and musically. Whatever that may be, we are quite certain it will be something of which she can be proud.

Artwork for “Medicine Line” by Kat Hamilton