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Back From Nothing is an off-kilter, pop-punking indie four-piece from Westchester, New York who dropped their latest release, Someone Say Something, at the end of 2019. Offering their quirky, borderline-ironic brand of bluntly emotionally pop-punk – very reminiscent of heavyweight emo-revivalists Modern Baseball – Back From Nothing are ready to share their sound with the world. To help push this agenda, the band is offering the single “New Logic” off of Someone Say Something as a free mp3 download.

On the tune, the band says, “‘New Logic’ is about the way people think now. The song meaning is up to the listener for their own interpretation. Everyone connects with a song differently. I can say what the song ‘New Logic’ means to me while writing and performing it: to not allow irrational fear to have an impact on my decision making. To understand that you can’t live your life in fear of what may go wrong. That’s how I feel when I perform or listen to it, at least.”

The jangly pop punk song is a short, boisterous ride headlined by raw, angsty-but-slightly-bored vocals delivered with a wry smile. If you want to rage about an annoying relationship or how myopic people over thirty can seem, but you still want your music to sound roughshod in a deliberately prodding way, well, “New Logic” is just for you.

Wrap your head around some “New Logic.”

Someone Say Something dropped December 13, 2019.