If you’re a death metalhead who loves all the growls, distorted and low-tuned guitars and bone-crushing drum beats of the genre, then we got a doozie for you today! If you conjoin “asylum” and “silence” you end up with Asylence (pronounced uh-sigh-lence) and their brand new music video for “The Suicide Net.” Released as the first single from the Detroit group’s debut EP Eulogy of Man, due on February 20th (which you can pre-order via Bandcamp), “The Suicide Net” is in one word, punishing. It is everything you could want and more from a modern death metal track, ferocity spewing from the vocal cords of lead singer Ryan Lang, backed up by some of the heaviest guitar riffs you’ll ever hear. During your first listen of “The Suicide Net,” you’ll probably wonder how the hell these guys aren’t already among the superstars of the death metal scene.

Eulogy of Man will feature five tracks, all recorded at Detroitland’s Rock Hill Sound and produced with the Grammy-nominated Matt Dalton. It’s a worthwhile introduction to Asylence and illustrates well the scorching energy which these guys bring towards their music. “The Suicide Net” is perhaps the highlight of the collection, a song that is highly relatable to the working-class city in which the band members come from.

With a few words about “The Suicide Net,” guitarist Aaron Lumsden said, “‘The Suicide Net’ is about the struggles of the average American worker in today’s era of social media. Being fed depressing, doom and gloom media stories day in and out can make a person question, ’Is this really how it’s supposed to be?’ Sometimes ending it all sounds like the only way, but by the end of the song, the narrator decides that the next statistic will not be him, and instead decides to be unstoppable. This track is the first release from our forthcoming debut EP, Eulogy of Man, which drops 02/20/20.“

And now, it’s time for Asylence to break their silence with their new video for “The Suicide Net”:

Formed in 2016, Asylence has been plowing their way through the underground Detroit metal scene essentially since their inception. When drummer Alex Aubuchon’s long-running thrash metal band suddenly came to an end, he started to create a new metal-based project which led to him meeting Lumsden, a talented guitarist and avid fan of the Detroit metal scene who was a frequent attendant to many local shows. The two quickly formed a musical bond and that’s all it took for Asylence to be born.

Lang had also already been well-regarded within that Detroit scene, and at the time was not in a band. Fortunately, he was Aubuchon and Lumsden’s first choice for a lead singer and Lang quickly accepted their invitation to hit the stage together. There was still a void at bass guitar that needed filling, but it wasn’t long before Richard Olrich became part of the fold and Asylence was born. With a loyal local and regional fan base growing, Asylence is ready to take the next step towards becoming a national touring act and one of the marquee names in death metal.

Listen to some more from Eulogy of Man with the lyric video for “The Knights Oath“:

Check out the dark and gloomy visuals for the cover artwork of Eulogy of Man:

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