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Cruel Hand – “Never Be Whole” [Free Song Download]

We’re dealing you a Cruel Hand today with a totally free song download for “Never Be Whole,” a standalone single via Static Era Records from the long-time hardcore punk veterans.



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We’re dealing you a Cruel Hand today with a totally free song download for “Never Be Whole.” The hardcore punk veterans of America, Cruel Hand, have returned with a new single highlighted by its heavy and crushing guitar riffs, a trait that you would have by now come to expect if you were a fan of this awesome band. You can purchase this song, and the rest of their catalogue via various platforms here. Released by Static Era Records, “Never Be Whole” has got all of the swinging riffs and catchy hooks that you’d need to help you hit the mosh pit like a total boss. With a quick comment about the song, singer Chris Linkovich said, “The track has the heavy riffing that we’ve never strayed from plus the infectious choruses we’ve been known for in our (more recent) releases.”

With the release of this new song, the members of Cruel Hand have been some busy men lately, having recently completed a European tour. With that experience behind them, the band is back in their own locality, writing away on some new tunes for you to hear soon. You can expect to hear these songs so soon that they should drop on a new album by the spring that will be issued through Static Era Records.

If you can’t stand the “Heat…” Well, you know the rest. Check out this popular music video off 2014’s The Negatives:

Cruel Hand’s history extends back now quite a while, dating back to 2006 when things got started as simply a side project of punk rock band Outbreak. The point of the side project was that so the band members could have an opportunity to play different instruments. After a quick creative process, Cruel Hand’s debut album Without a Pulse was released by 2007, followed by a long American (and one run through Europe) touring cycle that included runs with Trash Talk and The Mongoloids.

Without a Pulse was followed up the subsequent year by Prying Eyes. Three other full-lengths and a few EPs have followed that have only further reinforced the belief that Cruel Hand are one of the hallmarks of quality American hardcore punk. Download this song, catch up on the band’s previous catalogue of releases, catch them live… Do whatever you can to support a successful, DIY group of guys who have earned every accolade they have received.

You’ll “Never Be Whole,” unless you listen to Cruel Hand’s new song:

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