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Philadelphia Rockers SPIN Take Us Behind the Scenes of Their New “Price of Love” Music Video

Philadelphia rockers SPiN give us an exclusive behind-the-scene looks into the shooting of their original, one-shot music video for the new single “Price of Love,” lifted from their latest howsaboutNOW? Records album Make Me Move.



Philadelphia’s hard-rocking powerpop-infused quartet, SPiN’s recently released a new music video for their song “Price of Love,” the fourth single (and video) off their latest record Make Me Move (which you can stream/buy here from various sources). Contrary to previous recordings, Make Me Move is something of a departure from the alternative rock for which SPiN has come to be known. The new record heads more in the direction of pop-rock, dream pop or even electronic rock, with a significant presence of ‘80s influences.

The story behind the recording of Make Me Move may be one of the most original and unusual you’ll ever hear; Philadelphia police often swung by to give the band fines for playing too loud as a result of complaints emanating from an angry neighbour. As a result, the guys reduced the volume by relying on electronic drums and synths which, in a strange way, helped create the backbone of what you hear on the finished product of Make Me Move.

Just like their latest record, “Price of Love” may be SPiN’s most original music video release yet. The video was filmed completely in one take with no cuts or edits and follows the full cycle of a relationship in reverse. If you watch the video, which you kind of have to to understand what we’re talking about, the two lead actors make appearances throughout the duration of the video at different stages of their relationship. In addition, the band members of SPiN themselves make various cameo appearances posing as different characters throughout the video. Remarkably, the “Price of Love” music video was all filmed in one continuous take without any camera edits!

There is a price to everything, even love. Check out the unique music video for SPiN’s “Price of Love”:

With such a different approach to a modern music video, we couldn’t just let this slide without some investigation. That’s why we spoke to the band to get a behind-the-scenes look into the filming of “Price of Love.” Included with our interview are some special behind-the-scenes photos that take you right to the scene of where the video was filmed!

Ok so “Price of Love” is the fourth music video to be released from Make Me Move and is one of the most original music videos in some time. To start with a simple question, who’s most responsible for creating the concept behind the video?

Spin: “Thanks, man. I think we all take a pretty equal role when it comes to concepts for our videos. It’s a lot like our songwriting process. Usually one of us will present an idea to the rest of the guys. If deemed worthy, we’ll then flesh it out in the studio while killing a bottle of the finest bottom shelf whiskey we can find.”

I feel like we’ve all taken walks like this before on occasion where we’re completely in our own zone and we really don’t notice or we perhaps disregard anything happening around us. Was this the intention, to create that solemn, heavy-hearted feeling that we experience when times are tough in a relationship?

Spin: “Yes and how nice of you to notice! Yeah, that was the exact intention we were going for. Isolated, even though surrounded by people. Stuck in your own head unaware of everything going on around you. The feeling that this kind of hurt could only happen to you.”

Here we go; a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the “Price of Love” video:

Philadelphia Rockers SPIN Take Us Behind the Scenes of Their New “Price of Love” Music Video

It’s absolutely shocking that you were able to accomplish the making of this video as a one-shot with no edits or cuts. Explain to us, please, how was this possible? I’m sure there were at least rehearsals?

Spin: “Nope. We completely nailed this in one take with no practice at all! But seriously folks, yeah it was a very long tedious process with many weeks of walkthroughs and rehearsals and arguments. Since, you asked, let me lay out the whole process (see attached photos too). Making this video happen in one take took a team of about a dozen people; the band, the two actors, the director, assistant director, cinematographer, assistant camerawoman, and a few production assistants.

Every part of the team had to nail their role perfectly for each seven and a half minute take while walking about three city blocks. Each action that you see happening, while (lead singer) E is walking through the streets, was carefully choreographed for a set amount of time, and then the actors and band members had to run down the block to get set up at their next location before the camera would arrive, then repeat for the next scene and so on.

In addition to that, the band and the actors had to change wardrobe between each and every scene once they got done running from the scene before. The production assistants would be around to help exchange clothes, set up props, make sure no onlookers got in the way of the cast and crew coming down the street, etc. All twelve parts had to work together like one big machine. Aside from the weeks of rehearsals, It took many tries across a day and a half of filming, but we finally managed to get what we were going for and we’re super proud of everyone’s efforts to actually make this happen.”

Have a look at the “natural” beauty of the artwork for SPiN’s Make Me Move, released August 31st, 2018 on howsaboutNOW? Records:

I also enjoyed how the video is paced and isn’t just a smooth shot. What was the thinking behind making the actual pacing of the video somewhat jumpy and jittery?

Spin: “This is both purposeful and accidental at the same time. We wanted the video to look unique and different but without utilizing special effects or editing. We wanted to convey the sense of how quickly everything can change in a relationship; it’s all like one moment in time. Hence the idea of no cuts or edits, no distractions from that one moment. However, to include all the actions that are going on during the video, we needed a lot more time than the three and a half minutes of the song. So, we filmed the video in half time. We slowed the track down, giving us around seven minutes to make everything happen. Then we sped it back up, giving it that unique jittery vibe that you see.”

I feel as though the music video brings new meaning to the song and increases the emotional effect that it has on the listener/viewer. Are you finding that the song emotes more of an emotional reaction in fans when you play it live now as compared to when the album was released one year ago?

Spin: “Hey, that’s the exact reason for a music video, to enhance the song, so (we’re) glad that it’s coming across that way. But, interestingly enough, you touched on a rarity for us. We’ve actually never publicly performed ‘Price of Love.’ It happens to be a song that we wrote and recorded in the studio and have never played outside of that room.”

It’s never ever “Too Late” to check out the video for one of the key tracks contained on Make Me Move: