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Finnish electro maestro Axel Thesleff is a criminally skilled master in the world of ambient, chill-wave electro; with his ear for subtlety and a penchant for harmonizing a wide array of sonic threads into preposterously seamless tapestries, his music is a renegade force to be reckoned with. In honour of recently dropping his newest single, “Unity,” on October 4th, Alex is now offering audiences a free mp3 download of the stunning track (you can also check out the fanlink here).

“Unity” takes listeners on a pacific-yet-powerful instrumental journey initiated by a delayed xylosynth – basically an electronic xylophone – riff that sets a delicate, thoughtful tone before the song fully explodes at the minute-thirty mark. Even once the slicing synth riff and heavy bass take over, the track rolls smoothly along like a gently tumbling colossus.

Float along with the studio video for “Unity” and enjoy the Ax Edge keytar.

Alex describes the song’s intent as, “trying to create something peaceful yet powerful, something that you can drown yourself in and flow to. It’s about invoking feelings of hope and empowerment and about letting go. For me, a central theme when creating this song was the beauty of all human souls and their belongingness together.”

The Helsinki-based Thesleff began to kick off with the 2014 release of the track “Bad Karma”, and has since continued to experiment with more ambient realms most fully realized on his 2018 Two Worlds EP. Oscillating between the stylings of world music, modern bass, dance, trap, and chill-wave, Axel has a wide array of sonics to explore, and his newest single seems like the best-yet in terms of dynamically forging a unique identity. The tune is a joy to listen to and the artist’s catalogue is a treat to explore, so download “Unity” and revel in its accomplishments.

“Unity” is out now on all major platforms via Khatru Music.