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Be Our Valentine? Top 10 Love Songs



While the majority of the Valentines Day hype seems over the top, we can’t help but be a sucker for a good love song. Our team had a hard time narrowing down our favorites (there are soooo many good ones) but we agreed on these! Give a listen to our favorite tracks on our Valentines Vibes Spotify playlist below!
“Touching Heaven” by JOHNNYSWIM
Our favorite duo of all time, husband and wife team JOHNNYSWIM, teach us all about what love means with their swoon-worthy lyrics, “If touching love is touching God, No wonder I’m in heaven, when I’m holding you”. Their undeniably perfect harmonies and the addition of a choir singing “You’re my hallelujah” will have you feeling like you’re on cloud nine.
“No Turning Back” by Joy Oladokun
We first heard Joy Oladokun perform her song “No Turning Back” while opening for Penny and Sparrow at a concert in Opelika, Alabama. Immediately smitten, we knew Joy Oladokun would be at the top of several of our playlists to come. Opening with acapella lyrics, “I’m gonna love you until the end of time. With all my breath, my blood, my strength, and my mind. If you don’t love me I swear that’s fine, cause I’m gonna love you”, Oladokun dives into her beautifully sweet acoustic love song, “No Turning Back” that strikes a chord with everyone who hears it.
“Just The Same” by Bruno Major
With a soft soulful ballad that tells the tale of unconditional love, Bruno Major is one of our go-to artists for a good love song. “Do your worst to me, test my loyalty. I will pass with distinction the first degree” is just a glimpse of the powerful lyrics that grasp our heartstrings. No matter what the worst is, Major promises to “love you just the same”. If you haven’t heard the album A Song For Every Moon then do yourself a favor and go give it a listen in its entirety.
“Bumble Bee” by JP Ruggieri
With his quintessential groove, JP Ruggieri gives us an upbeat love song in his tune “Bumble Bee”. With lyrics “There ain’t nothing but love between you and me” and “I never breathed air until you filled my lungs”, JP combines his impossible-not-to-dance-to instrumentation with lovely sentiments….. perfect for a pre-dinner dancing in the kitchen.
“Stoic” by Penny and Sparrow
If you’ve ever been in love then you understand the anguish that comes when you inevitably have a quarrel with your loved one. Penny and Sparrow’s song “Stoic” from the album Struggle Pretty translates a sadness and desperate plea for lovers to quit fighting and come back to loving one another. “Don’t be so dramatic, we both knew we would fight” and “I know you still want me, right here can’t you tell” tell the story of reconciling a lover’s quarrel. Penny and Sparrow has been a long time favorite of ours with their acoustic stylings and heart-wrenching harmonies….. we also suggest you listen to their song “Creature” for some sweeter Valentines day vibes.
“I Just Want To Make Love To You” by Etta James
The original queen of music, Etta James has a variety of soulful love songs to choose from – all of which are indisputable classics. “I Just Want To Make Love To You” is a spicy blues tune from the famed singer that makes it impossible not to get up and dance. “I don’t want you to work all day…. I just wanna make love to you” are a glimpse of the iconic lyrics that are perfect for pulling your lover close.
“Golden Hour” by Matthew Pinder
The newest song from indie artist Matthew Pinder, “Golden Hour” is a tender tribute to a loved one. With lyrics like “But if you’re gonna stay, I’ll be here all night, ‘Cause you’re in every song I hear and every song I write” Pinder allows listeners to float from verse to verse with the intimate poetry he is quickly gaining recognition for.

“Anybody Else” by The Ballroom Thieves
Boston natives, The Ballroom Thieves, pull at heartstrings with a vintage bluesy song about never wanting anybody else. With lyrics like, “I’m cursing the years when my ears were untrained in her name”, and “I’m the one woman man who can’t stand fighting shy of her light”, it’s impossible not to feel a tug of sentimentality from the usually fiery trio.
“River” by Leon Bridges
Bringing the classic soul back to our modern music era, Leon Bridges is often compared to a modern day Sam Cooke or Otis Redding. It’s no surprise then, that his song “River” captures the sweet romanticism of classic soul music with lyrics like “Oh, I wanna come near and give ya every part of me, But there’s blood on my hands and my lips aren’t clean”. The lyrics combined with the nostalgic groove of the song are the perfect backdrop for swaying in your living room with a glass of wine.
“You and Me” by Drew and Ellie Holcomb
Another powerful husband/wife duo, Drew and Ellie Holcomb’s song “You and Me” is a simple reminder of the sweetness of building a life with someone. With lyrics like, “We’re tired but we’re trying to build a silver lining, you and me” and “You’re a diamond in the flames, a diamond for me”, one can’t help but fall for the intimately sweet harmonies of the Holcomb household.
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