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Haunted Holidays (w/ All Time Low, The Maine, The Wrecks) @ The Rave (Milwaukee WI) on December 22, 2018 [Photos & Show Review]

After a long summer tour, All Time Low were back at it in Milwaukee for “Haunted Holidays” at The Rave, along with supporting acts, The Maine and The Wrecks.



The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recently hosted their first annual “Haunted Holidays” to get us all in the holiday mood with a trifecta of markee bands, All Time Low, The Maine, and The Wrecks.

The Wrecks started the night off strong, filling the crowd and getting everyone warmed up, even despite the recent controversy surrounding frontman Nick Anderson for some insensitive comments he made on stage during a show back in November. Their set, consisting of nothing but the hits, was exactly what everyone needed to get warmed up for the rest of the bands to come.

The Maine was up next, not missing a single second to make a joke with a banner reading “You are watching a band called The Maine, All Time Low will be on shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.” Not that their set was an inconvenience to any of us. They powered right through their set, consisting of hits from most of their past albums, crowd favorite “Ho Ho Hopefully” and talks of the new album they just finished recording. All Time Low drummer Rian Dawson even joined them on stage for a rendition of “Taxi” off their album, Lovely Little Lonely.

Hopefully it’s your “Birthday” so this video will be extra special for you!


Finally, the moment everyone was waiting for. All Time Low finally hit the stage, but not until after pop singer Mariah Carey’s legendary “All I Want For Christmas is You” finished playing through the speakers. They opened the night up with “Stella,” a very obvious crowd favorite, and all the energy we’ve all come to expect from an All Time Low was set in motion. Moving on throughout the band’s set was a perfect mix of old and new, playing everything from their latest releases “Everything Is Fine” and “Birthday” to older songs like “Jasey Rae,” “Six Feet Under The Stars” and “Poppin’ Champagne.” There was never a dull moment throughout, from the confetti falling during the first three songs, to even more confetti that came during the evening’s final song.

Being a holiday show, the Christmas spirit was very much present, with The Maine playing “Ho Ho Hopefully” and All Time Low doing a version of “Merry Christmas Kiss My Ass” during their encore, in which a member from the crowd dressed as an elf came up on stage and proposed to his girlfriend after the song. One of the cutest moments I’ve seen in a concert in a long time was very quickly followed up by traditional All Time Low style jokes about not knowing how they got on stage or anything that was going on.

Overall, it was an incredible night filled with friends dancing to their favorite artists and songs, topped off by the spirit of the holiday season.