Hailing from New Jersey, Pathetic Fallacy are one heck of a metal band for which we have the pleasure of premiering their latest video for the single, “2018.” This is the first track to be released from the group’s upcoming EP, Regicide, due out on December 8th (which you can find on Spotify). Formed as recently as June 2017, the quartet released the three-song The New Years Tapes EP last December before playing their first-ever live show on May 2nd, 2018, at the Debonair Music Hall.

Regicide will include five new tracks with “2018” also marking the first video the guys have ever shot. Most of the clip’s ideas came about right on the spot, with the band uncertain of where they were going to shoot even until the actual of filming. The video ended up being a group effort where each member contributed ideas for different shots to be used. The actor you’ll see in the video is Christian Sasso, a friend of the band’s who has supported them since the very beginning.

Before you navigate away, check out this dope “Stolen Memories” drum playthrough.

With more to add on “2018,” lead singer Julian Worden commented:

“The song’s meaning is based off the plotline of the book ‘1984’ by George Orwell. The reason that the song is named ‘2018’ is to convey the idea that some of the societal norms present in ‘1984’ are actually present in today’s society, to some degree. The lyrics are from the perspective of the book’s main character and they’re referring to the everyday struggles he faced. We were able to tie this plotline into the video by having Christian portray the main character of the book and by having him wander around the woods while paranoid and aware of the fact that he was being watched by all the members of the band, who symbolized Big Brother.”


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