The mother-daughter duo, Cliffs + Caves, are debuting music from their sophomore EP with the release of their single “Right Side”. A beautiful, heartfelt representation of their signature style, this single is just a sliver of the fiercely unapologetic music that is to come.
Made up of Lindsey Justice and her 16 year-old daughter Claire, the duo are best known in their home state of Texas for their unique blend of indie-folk music that unabashedly shares their deeply personal and relatable stories. Having previously worked with Grammy-nominated producer, Jamie Candiloro (Ryan Adams, R.E.M., Eagles), Cliffs + Caves have been proving their musical worth since their very first release…. and this EP is no different. Enlisting the help of producer Chris Jacobie (Penny and Sparrow, Jarrod Dickenson, Duncan Fellow), Lindsey and Claire embark on a five song exploration that showcases the musical ingenuity that is created when artistry runs in the family. “We spent months crafting songs we were really proud to bring into the studio with Chris — and he didn’t let us run from the hard ones that we would’ve rather kept private” states Lindsey Justice. “He truly helped us clear the deck and get to the heart of our sound. He has a laser vision for where a song should land – to feel like its always been around. The collaboration was a magical experience.”
“Right Side” – the first single from the highly anticipated EP Capsize, showcases smooth guitar progressions that creates the perfect backdrop for the satisfying vocal harmonies that are the essence of Cliffs + Caves. Written by Claire, “Right Side” paints an intimate picture of a breakup gone right. “It was tough when we ended things, now we’re doing just fine” echoes throughout the chorus with the sentiment that sometimes the end of a relationship isn’t necessarily for the worst. In this case, the song proves to listeners that castles can be built out of the bricks that crumble…. and sometimes it’s okay when a love is lost. “You’ve been doing just fine without me by your side, and I’ve been doing okay without you on my mind” sums up this anthem of moving on, knowing when a relationship isn’t meant to be, and cherishing the friendship and sweet memories that were created in the process.

Claire and I are both incredibly proud of the work we did together on this album – we both laid it all out there on these tracks and are joyful to share each one of them” – Lindsey Justice

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