If I were to describe Mantar’s new release The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze in terms of baseball, I would say that they emphatically knocked it out of the park. It’s searingly brutal. Sludge metal is such a ho hum genre for me to listen to, but this new Mantar offering just raised the bar for everyone that thinks all you need is a Sunn Model T and some Atlas speaker cabinets to make a decent sludge album.

Mantar have hooks, their rhythms cause my head to bob, and each song sounds different from the next. If you’re not up to speed with the group’s two-piece domination at the plate, go find yourself some nachos, grab a seat, and throw in some headphones.

Heavy Haiku Review:

New Mantar kicks ass.
Their heaviest album ever.
Two-piece destruction!

The Modern Art of Setting Ablaze Track Listing:

01. The Knowing
02. Age of the Absurd
03. Seek + Forgot
04. Taurus
05. Midgard Serpent (Seasons of Failure)
06. Dynasty of Nails
07. Eternal Return
08. Obey the Obscene
09. Anti Eternia
10. The Formation of Night
11. Teeth of the Sea
12. The Funeral

Run Time: 47:44
Release Date: August 24, 2018
Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Some people may think this video will elicit the “Age of the Absurd”…