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Grindcore Legend SHANE EMBURY Discusses His New Label EXTRINSIC RECORDINGS

Never one to do “downtime”, Shane Embury is about to put out the first release on his new label Extrinsic Recordings so we sat down to chat with Shane just before he headed off to Italy to perform with Napalm Death.



You only have to look down the musical history of Shane Embury to see a man who lives and breathes extreme music. Currently the longest remaining member of UK grind icons Napalm Death, Shane is about to put out The Infinite Mirror of Millenial Narcissism, the debut album by his latest project, Born To Murder The World. Not only does Shane perform on the album but, Extrinsic Recordings, the label releasing the album is his own label. Ahead of the release, we sat down with Shane to talk about the label and his future plans.

Hey Shane, thanks for your time. How are things with you today?
Shane Embury: Hey! Right now – up late sweating my ass off in this freakish UK weather we seem to be having. In 4 hours I’ve gotta leave to the airport as Napalm have a festival in Italy!

So, you’re launching your own label, Extrinsic Recordings, can you tell us a bit about the label and what your plans are for it?
Shane: Well I am someone who likes to keep busy so it’s gonna be a platform for me to release my more self-indulgent musical endeavours, I guess. I like a lot of experimental sounds so it’s gonna be whatever I am feeling that particular month. I think for me a lot of the time I like to put music out there and gain a reaction be it one person or a 100 but I always love the process of making EPs or albums so Extrinsic will be where it happens. Some of what I do might not be to everyone’s taste but, well, you never know.

Your first release will be Born To Murder The World, any special editions or formats planned?
Shane: I think at some point there will be vinyl it’s been sitting there waiting to come out and this label launch – so to speak – seemed a good time to finally get it out there.

Check out “Brutality Alchemist” from Born To Murder The World.

Do you have any further releases lined-up?
Shane: There’s some of other solo projects that are near completion but not just yet…

Looking at the origins of Napalm Death in the tape-trading scene, will you be offering up cassette/vinyl releases as well as digital formats?
Shane: Again, as time goes on anything’s possible.

Vinyl has made something of a comeback in recent years, is it financially viable for a label like Extrinsic Recordings to release multiple formats given the niche market you’ll attract?
Shane: This isn’t a money making label really, in the sense that most of the releases will be my projects. But, over the years, I have self-financed a few of my albums; I take some copies out on tour here and there. If you believe in what you’re doing it’s more about that really – low key releases. Nothing on the same level as a major indie label.

Throughout your years in the music industry, what lessons have you learned that you’ll put into practice with Extrinsic Recordings?
Shane: Mmmm, tough really, the label is mainly for my projects. I know that when me and Mick (Kenney) did FETO Records together, some bands expected way too much in the beginning. But, again, since this is mostly just me, I know what to expect – I have no delusions of grandeur.

Are there any plans to release limited or rare Napalm releases through Extrinsic Recordings?
Shane: Probably not just yet, maybe after the next ND album though!

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From when you started when it was tape-trading/fanzines to get coverage, there are so many different avenues to promote a band. From your perspective as a label owner, does it make it easier to get bands coverage?
Shane: There’s more avenues out there for sure but a lot more competition, more choice, different ideologies surrounding how fans listen to music now. You certainly can’t presume, say, in my position everyone’s going to stand up and take notice. With this label I can finish an album and put it out straight away, gain interest – in some ways that’s more pure to me.

Along the same lines, does the ease at which music is accessible these days take away from the fun of discovering new bands?
Shane: Not necessarily, there’s so much it’s hard to find the gems but still a ton of diversity if you look for it!

Will you be accepting submissions from bands. If so, where can bands submit their material?
Shane: At this point, no. It would be more like if I heard them and was blown away or a friend said “hey check these out”. As I mentioned, a lot of the music that’s gonna start emerging isn’t going to be what fans of my grindcore bands will be expecting… well, maybe some of them will know what to expect…

Thanks for your time Shane, good luck with the label. Anything you want to finish off with?
Shane: Thanks for the support and interest it means a lot – cheers!

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