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ZANDER BLECK’s Guide to the TOP 10 Best International Street Foods [Exclusive]

With his hot new “Mercy Me” single out as of March 30th, it was high time to connect with Los Angeles-based artist Zander Bleck. In response to our query, Zander shared his TOP 10 favourite international street foods.



With his hot new “Mercy Me” single out as of March 30th, we felt it was high time to connect with Los Angeles-based artist Zander Bleck and help peddle the accomplished musician and songwriter’s music. Influenced by electronic and indie rock, the new song’s accompanying ‘80s-inspired video sees the fashion model turned musician further showcase his incredible vocal talents. In response to our query, Zander was thrilled to share with us this exclusive list of his TOP 10 favourite street foods from around the world.

10. Grey’s Papaya (New York, NY)
– Some of my earliest memories as a kid was taking a dollar into Grey Papaya on 72nd and Broadway and getting not one but two dogs well done with ketchup and mustard. It’s not the “Texas,” but it’s about as quintessential New York as it gets. How much do they cost now?

09. Birba Pizza (Palm Springs, CA)
– Quite seriously one of the best pizzas in the world. Sweet, savory, dim lit ambience. Really excellent. Order it with a “Heated Snake” – one of my favorite cocktails in the world.

08. Carne Asada (Ensenada, Baja Mexico)
– Any surf trip is never complete without some fresh carne asada. Here off the side of the road in Ensenada, Mexico you’ll find some of the best I’ve ever had.

07. Wienerschnitzel (Switzerland)
– When backpacking the alps, make sure you stop in somewhere warm for a nice Wienerschnitzel. Wash it down with a Bavarian brew and you’ll be yodelling in no time.


06. Beef Brisket (Austin, Texas)
– Had this recently and it is indeed worth the hype. No sauce necessary, melts in your mouth.

05. The Parish Chicken Sandwich (Boston, Massachusetts)
– I know, not really street food. But probably the best chicken sandwich in the country!

04. Minced Goat w/ Onions and Spicy Curry Sauce (Old Town Dubai, UAE)
– Spicy and Lean, this traditional dish is surprisingly excellent.

03. Egg Sandwich w/ Onions & Mayo with Nestle Instant Coffee (Bamako, Mali)
– Breakfast of champions in Western Africa. Bread is always fresh and fantastic. They cool the eggs in a heavy oil that somehow works perfectly with the chopped onions. Make sure to swat the flies away!

02. Grilled Baguette w/ Jambon et Fromage (Paris, France)
– A very close second. They are all over the “City of Light” and always fresh as can be. It always takes a little longer than you’d like to properly heat up and serve, so you can get on your way but hey, you’re in Paris!


01. “Texas” Grilled Sausage (Stockholm, Sweden)
– This is my favorite street bite in the world. Every city has their version of some kind of “hot dog” – for whatever reason this one is the best. You’ll see many different options with Scandinavian names here but go for the “Texas” – should be 50 krona. Get it with mustard, ketchup, and mayo. You won’t regret it.

Check out Zander Bleck’s recent video for the single “Mercy Me”.

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