Are you a natural born chiller? We are too. What’s more rewarding then pulling a 14-hour day then finally hitting the couch with a cold one around 11pm? Chilling is the best! And Melbourne, Australia rockers, The Bennies would agree. In fact, they love the chillage so much that they’re latest album is called Natural Born Chillers. The eight-track full-length dropped on February 2nd via Pool House Records / Remote Control and you can stream the hell out of it here. (Or score some sweet vinyl via Uncle M Shop or Currently on tour in Europe, we caught up with guitarist Jules to check-in and intelligently wax about… well… beers n’ booze.

Describe your worst hangover, ever.
Jules: Lonely, sweating, hot, dehydrated, with only cigarettes to drink.

How long can you hold a Keg Stand?
Jules: A couple minutes.

Kill, Fuck or Marry: Captain Morgan, Admiral Nelson, or Sailor Jerry?
Jules: Kill Sailor Jerry, fuck captain Morgan and marry Admiral Nelson.

Favorite drinking game?
Jules: Beers.

Whiskey dick, fact of fiction? Maybe you’re a mattress monster and impervious to it, if not, tell us your most embarrassing whiskey dick story!
Jules: I’m not a whiskey drinker.

Do you like to write music with some drink in you? If yes, what?
Jules: Of course, beers turn me into a creative t-Rex.

Check out the band’s video for their popular single “Get High Like An Angel” here.

If you had to name your band after an alcohol/specific drink brand, what would you call yourselves? You can combine names/mix & match if you want!
Jules: Magnetic Froth Blasts.

Preferred drink, if you had to put it down on a rider for the whole band!
Jules: Beers.

Best (or worst) drunk band story? Go!
Jules: In China I broke my ankle in a rice spirit drinking competition.

Which city has your best drunken memory… and what is it?
Jules: Shanghai, the only bar left open was a 5-Star hotel, we drank them out of whiskey, coffee and Guinness. Our drummer was on the grand piano playing classical music and we wound up gambling with some young gangsters in an arcade.

Do you like your beer with a lot of foam or are you more of a trim the foam kinda guy/gal?
Jules: Somewhere in between, a healthy foam is a delicious sight.

How many drinks until you start picking fights with your bandmates?
Jules: Usually just when choosing what to drink.

What’s the worst (or best) dive bar you’ve ever gone drinking to?
Jules: The Sparrow Tavern, Astoria, New York.

If the world was coming to an end what would be your drink of choice to watch it all burn?
Jules: Beer….do you see a running theme?

If you met an alien from another planet, what drink would you chose to explain alcohol, and how would you describe it?
Jules: I would probably start with 20 to 30 beers and get them to read my mind.

If a drink could define your life so far what would it be and why?
Jules: I’m going to have to go with beer….

What was your drink of choice when starting out, and what is it now?
Jules: I started with beers and moved on to cold beers and that’s pretty much where I am today, drinking beers.

Best drink to get you obliterated?
Jules: I love a Mexicana, it’s a slow death.

If you could name a drink to define your career so far, what would it be and why?
Jules: Choof Smoking Monkey Barrell.

How long does it take you to detox when coming off the road?
Jules: A month.

What do you think about kids soaking tampons in alcohol then inserting them up their asses to get drunk?
Jules: Sounds like fun, but I’ll stick to drinking beer in a glass.

“Corruption” is a funny-ass video about… Corruption?

What’s the one thing you’ve done while drunk that would disappoint your mother?
Jules: Play guitar.

When was the first time you ever drank, what happened?
Jules: 10 years old, it was wonderful. I was at school and school became fun.

What’s your worst regret as the result of drinking (sexual, legal, etc.)?
Jules: No regrets, the older I get the better I get at partying.

Where is the most embarrassing place you have barfed?
Jules: As a teenager I threw up onto my girlfriend’s mother’s face whilst passing the potatoes at the dinner table.

Where’s the most embarrassing/strangest place you’ve passed out when drunk?
Jules: At a funeral.

Who is the absolute shittiest drunk in the band?
Jules: None of us, we are the high wizards of partying.

What’s your favorite “guilty pleasure” drink? (ex: pinacoladas)
Jules: Singapore Sling or a Mai Tai.


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