If your week isn’t off to a cracking start, then we have the remedy! All you had to do is read this article, then head below to hear the brand new single “Not a Hero” from Moscow-based melodic metal band, Tiavara. The track is taken from the forthcoming studio recording Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions, which is due on April 27th, and follows previous single “Celestial Dance” in which Tiavara tackle society’s tendency to see the world in absolutes.

Commenting on the new song’s music, lyrical theme and writing, the band left us with these thoughts:

“The song is told from a perspective of unspecified “something” that is meant to represent an idea of a higher power, whether it is “chance”, a “deity” or any other “force” that you might believe in. From its point of view no matter what you do or who you are is insignificant. It is not something you should blindly rely upon as it probably has little interest in you as an individual.

“Musically it was very emotionally-driven. The opening section is an older riff that was written a while ago but left unused. Inspired by a moment of nostalgia Tikhon played that riff on his new baritone guitar. It reminded him of a betrayal by his two close friends that happened at the time when it was written. His anger was reflected in a dramatic change in tone and an overall feel of the song right after the intro. At the end the song reverts back to the original riff as a reminder that no matter how hurt you are you will be able to find strength to overcome and make things right again.”

Now that you’ve streamed the premiere, check out the band’s previous single “Celestial Dance”.


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