You really, really should check out the stream below for Calgary’s Widow’s Peak debut EP Graceless, because really, when have we ever mislead you? While many metal bands find inspiration from things such as supernatural sources, myths, and legends, Widow’s Peak find it through what they view as the horrors and cruelty of real life and the depths that mankind sometimes reduces itself to. They look to the darkness of real life and look to an approach firmly rooted in reality. The band formed in Calgary two years ago and in that time, they have toured hard, with the band’s musicians having time to gel.

Commented the band, “Graceless’ is a jagged and angular approach to technical death metal that fuses tales of perverse violence with the sounds of chaos. We set out to create something that’s brutal and overwhelming, but never loses sight of the underlying groove. We feel that this EP is exactly that: 20 minutes of bang-your-head, balls-to-the-wall madness that any fan of extreme metal will appreciate.”