Hailing from Romford, UK, post-hardcore unit One Last Daybreak are set to drop their new EP, A Thousand Thoughts on April 7, 2018, so we got the track-by-track lowdown on the new EP from the band themselves.

1. “According to Pleasure, I Was Low on the Food Chain”
– The best choice of opener. With the working title “emo chords”, we aimed to create a big and catchy introduction to the EP that hooks the listeners in and convinces them to listen to the other tracks. The song is a big emo anthem in vain of old school emo/pop punk acts like Taking Back Sunday and Yellowcard.

2. “The Sand in the Hourglass, The Life in My Lungs”
– A bit more of an experimental track. We explored the old school post-hardcore sound (Alexisonfire, Enter Shikari) with time signature changes and a different structure. We recorded multiple, layered vocal takes for the outro of the song to create this huge, anthem ending.

Check out “According To Pleasure, I Was Low on the Food Chain” below.

3. “A Thousand Thoughts”
– “A Thousand Thoughts” fits well as the title track, as it’s a staple for what this EP is. It’s a radio-friendly pop-structured emo/rock song that lyrically opens up to the raw emotion that Connor is feeling. We were listening to a lot of Senses Fail and Mayday Parade when writing this.

4. “In The Movies”
– “In The Movies” gets a bit more progressive. It’s a heavily riff-based song with heavy tempo changes and modern style breakdowns. It’s an “all in one” song, being able to create moshpits, bouncing and singalongs all into under 4 minutes.

5. “A Coffin for Two”
– By far the heaviest track on the record. We really wanted to create this big, heavy and abrupt close to the EP and this song was perfect. We got our good friend Rob Melville (Take The Backseat, Casey) to perform some brutal screams over the final breakdown and it’s huge!

One Last Daybreak release A Thousand Thoughts on Saturday 7th April, through all platforms.


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