If you’re into abrasive, groove-filled heavy metal then Final Drive may just be your favourite new band. Combining the very best traits from Lamb Of God, Pantera and Clutch, this American four-piece may not be reinventing the wheel, but achieve what they do with solid quality.

When listening through their fifth studio record, 2017’s Dig Deeper, there are unashamed hints towards those aforementioned bands whether it be the freneticism coursing through the verses on “This Is How”, or the monolithic guitar riffs present on “Want It All”.

Unfortunately, there isn’t anything really standout about Final Drive’s sound that may attract new patrons to this genre. Rather than bending the characteristics of their core sound, they seem to be content on following a similar trend throughout their material. There a couple of lacklustre choruses on the record – albeit bookended by some terrific groovy riffs – and the guitar solos lack a certain sparkle that otherwise could really define who the band are.

“Black Out” hints at some hidden technicality that could really be brought out to the forefront on a more regular basis to aid listener retention, while “The Last Time” hints at a more melodic approach to their material. Heavy, melodic and groovy they may be but original, unique and lasting they aren’t quite.

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Dig Deeper Track Listing:

01. This Is How
02. Built to Break
03. The Last Time
04. Six Feet Down
05. Want It All
06. Life Decided
07. Follow the Curse
08. Beneath Us
09. Of A Killer
10. Black Out

Run Time: 31:00
Released: February 3, 2017

Check out the band’s lyric video for the single “The Last Time”.