The eighties pop sensation Bananarama was in town last Friday night and it was another sold-out show at The Danforth Music Hall. With fans gravitating towards the front for a better view of the band and its original lineup who took quite a while to make it here; this was their first ever show in Canada!

The trio of ladies that the Guinness Book of World Records called “the most successful girl band ever”, sounded fantastic. I think the crowd would agree with me, judging by the way that everyone was dancing to the music.

Bananarama’s Setlist:

01. Nathan Jones
02. Robert De Niro’s Waiting
03. Rough Justice
04. Aie a Mwana
05. Cruel Summer
06. Trick Of The Night
07. Shy Boy/Boy Trouble
08. Really Saying Something
09. Cheers Then
10. Stay
11. Preacher Man
12. I Heard A Rumour
13. More Than Physical
14. I Can’t Help It
15. I Want You Back
16. Venus
17. Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye
18. It Ain’t What You Do
19. Love In The First Degree