Just when we thought there would be no other artist quite like Lil John, 6ix9ine emerges on to the scene to fill the void. His appearance is quite surprising: long multi-coloured hair, face tattoos, multiple 69 tattoos, and rainbow-coloured teeth all serve to compliment his profuse yelling.

From Bushwick, New York, Daniel Hernandez is just 21 years of age. His style is controversial and his history doesn’t exactly benefit him. However, he is coming up in the hip-hop scene fast. His recent tracks “Gummo” and “Kooda” have been extremely popular. On FCK THEM’s YouTube channel, “Gummo” has just over 92 million views. On WORLDSTARHIPHOP’s, there are just over 58 million views.

Released just four days ago and already ranked #12 on YouTube, his track “Keke” already has over 6 million plays. His popularity continues to increase. In this single’s accompanying music videos, booty’s are shaking, ATV’s and dirt bikes are circling on to the scene as crowds surround a bridge and public basketball court.

This track with Fetty Wap and A Boogie, is not for its lyrics. It is meant for pre-drinks and clubs. Lyrically, it is not focused on any message, but rather, partying with your team. It is a good listen only in the right setting.

Run Time: 2:31
Release Date: December 30, 2017

Watch the official “KEKE” music video here.