Somnuri is a testament to how much heavy music the trio also known as Somnuri must consume. This is one’s foremost thought as the blistering self-titled debut gallops along, citing influence and paying homage to all manner of progenitors of all that is violent music along the way. Everything from sludge to black metal to thrash to motor rock to doom is churned over. It is fresh ground as a result, and the result blooms as seamlessly as I just made that metaphor work.

The real secret to the band’s success on this record, their debut mind, is that it does not do this in parts, but mixes everything up in a pot and allows it all to stew violently together. There are indeed chunks that can be identified, such as the black metal roars on “Inhabitant” that remind one of Krallice, or the sublime guitar work that remind the listener of bands like High On Fire or Torche.

It is indeed a hodgepodge, but as stated above, it simply works and is ultimately a joy to listen to. The production is excellent, the vocal range is fantastic, and the tone and rhythm are formidable. Anyone from metal, rock, and hardcore backgrounds will find something to love about this band and this album. I would strongly recommend you get on this as soon as possible, before you have to fight the lineups to see the band live, an inevitable reality considering how mature and expert their debut already is.

Somnuri Track Listing:

01. Kaizen
02. Inhabitant
03. Same Skies
04. Slow Burn
05. Opaque
06. Welcome The Stranger
07. Pulling Teeth
08. Through The Dead

Run Time: 39:38
Release Date: November 10, 2017

Listen to Somnuri’s new single and help them to “Welcome The Stranger”