Firstly, who is Duke Lion? Why is he now dead? I wish I had the answer to this question! Big Dumb Face was conceived all the way back in in 1998 by Limp Bizkit’s very own Wes Borland. Along with his brother Scott Borland, they unleashed unto the world Duke Lion Fights the Terror in 2001, and now, 13 years later, we are informed that Duke Lion is now, in fact, dead!

Now, if you are looking for some of the most bizarre death metal ever, music you’d hope would make your ears bleed, you need not look any further! Even Wes himself has stated that it is “the most metal record I’ve ever made.” Being a side project for an already successful musician has given Borland free range to create some extremely insane tunes that will only appeal to a select few, but therein lies its genius.

“He Rides the Skies” follows a short intro and is comprised of ridiculously fast guitar riffs and thunderous drum beats with death metal vocals holding it all together. (Oh, and an indescribably odd middle section.) “Magic Guillotine” mixes things up a tad with the opening sounding almost like some sort of 80’s power ballad before moving back into insanity. The craziest track by far; however, would be without a doubt “The Blood Maiden”. I mean, how do you incorporate steel drums into death metal? Well, the Borland brothers found a way! The album continues through to its end getting more fucked up with each tune.

In conclusion, Where is Duke Lion? He’s Dead… is one of the most batshit crazy albums I’ve heard in a long, long time. Yes, it will have a niche appeal, but if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be inside the head of insanely talented musicians when unbound by any specific musical convention, I would give this a spin.

Where is Duke Lion? He’s Dead… Track Listing:

01. Warning
02. He Rides the Skies
03. Zargon Moth
04. Jesus Retreats
05. Call to Worship
06. Magic Guillotine
07. The Blood Maiden
08. You’re F****d
09. The Goat is Dead
10. Where Did All the Good Guys Go?
11. Masters of Chaos
12. My Girl Daisy
13. The Ancient Gods Awaken
14. Whipping the Hodeus

Run Time: 1:02:41
Release Date: October 31, 2017

Check out the band’s video for the new single “Jesus Retreats”.