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Bell Witch – “Mirror Reaper” [Album Review]

For Bell Witch there is no more important album in their career than Mirror Reaper, and no better reason to keep going as one of the leading lights in modern doom and extreme music in general.



A review of such a heavy and inspired piece does not come easily; this even more so as the band in question almost ended after the death of a founding member. Not a big deal you may say to yourself until you realise the grand sweeps and selections, as well as vocals, are the cumulative work of just two individuals. When you also realise that in funeral doom circles, this band is as rare and influential an occurrence as any other of nature’s wonders, this becomes a deep memorial homage to that fact, far less just mere art.

Bell Witch goes on, yes, but as is often the case, not without cost; and more certainly noticeable with Mirror Reaper, not without the accompanying growing pains and evolution that follows. As such, to give yourself the time to immerse in this piece is just as relevant as the homage it represents, so allow it for the experience.

The glacial symmetry between Dylan Desmond and Jesse Shreibman is just as rock solid as with Desmond and former drummer/vocalist Adrian Guerra on earlier outings. With gentle organ and vocal placements stretching out and along the funerary pilgrimage of the track over its 80-minute missive, this is a beautiful and personal reach to say farewell and cross over a loved one. Even Guerra’s vocals, which were completed before his demise were given with his survivor’s permission for inclusion, making this farewell one cemented in forever.

To try to even further explain how a fraction of this translates into a live setting is pretty futile, but having experienced it first-hand is truly heavenly, and adds yet another change born of this metamorphosis. Few works can set a finer example of this particular genre’s majesty, but for Bell Witch hopefully, it has also brought them much needed closure with quiet triumph.

Mirror Reaper Track Listing:

01. Mirror Reaper

Run Time: 1:23:16
Release Date: October 20, 2017

Stream a ten-minute excerpt from Mirror Reaper.