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Des Moines, Iowa’s The Fuss are all about the ruckus. Rock and roll that is! We’ll tell you more about the guys in a second but first, for your repeated listening pleasure, download a free high res copy of their single “Boy”!

This independent and very much DIY band merge “guitar-centric elements of ‘60s garage-rock, poignant lyricism and buoyant vocal melodies” into their own concoction of avoidable rock and roll. Whether or not you’re yet to be sold on The Fuss, do yourself a favour and spend some time checking out their debut self-titled full-length (available at Bandcamp) which dropped on August 26th.

Commenting on the song, the band left us with these poignant words, “Sometimes in life, people are overcome by the insatiable desire to slather the ones they love in 100% certified organic raw honey. Other people do not experience that. It goes beyond blood. It goes beyond disturbances in any perceptual field. With the passage of time, we learn to accept the permanent, impermanence of all things. Also, we learn through repeated exposure that love is a mental illness.”


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