Los Angeles-based musician J.D. King is dope. His music is dope. And his latest video for the single “Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots” is also totally… you guessed it, dope! We were lucky to recently score some time with this magical man and get the “behind-the-scenes” lowdown on his latest music video. For those of you not in the know, note that King was once in the band The Olms with partner Pete Yorn and is also dating Linda Ramone. So, yeah. Feel dumb for not knowing? Thought so.

Who was involved in the “Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots” music video shoot?
J.D. King: Director was Avery Wheless. Cinematographers Juju Sorelli and Gilles O’Kane. Mermaid is Ale Washington. Mermaid creator is Lucas David. Make up was done by Taylor Goldstein. Hair and style thanks to Linda Ramone.

What is the concept behind the video?
King: The film reflects on the oceanic element in its vast space while also depicting the microcosms within. The mermaid goddess is the life source element that loves the traveling purveyor and sees through his eyes baring witness to his perceptions. The ancient genie, knower of the all, the giver of joy and consequence is harmonious with all visions. While the never ending circle of the ever expanding dream of the universe is leaked through the cracks into our young perceiver wandering the mystic beach of sprawling time, signifying its version of all mankind stepping through the ages and facing a new reality from caveman to super hybrid future humans with advanced consciousness.

How long were you filming?
King: 2 days to shoot. 1 at Terranea Cove and 1 at Ramones Ranch.

Did anything go wrong while filming?
King: No, I work with good people.

Did any moments during filming feel like “lightning in a jar”?
King: Not during filming per say. It feels like “lightning” a little more in retrospect, after time has passed a bit and I evaluate its merits. Walking around the cove and capturing a vibe through a nice super 8 camera is nice to do and see, and I like picturesque places and things.

What was the most memorable or fun part of filming “Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots”?
King: Going to Terannea Cove and just walking around was nice. Shopping for a mermaid wig and finding make up in a Hollywood costume store was fun. Planning out how much film I need and what backdrops for the set to use. Hanging out with friends while making art together, it’s part of the cosmic ride and it’s always a great experience when you focus the goodness.

Any cool stories from the set?
King: We had Lucas David, the artist, specially design our mermaid. “The Mermaid Goddess”, Ale Washington, is also a visual artist. The cinematographer of the beach scenes, Juju Sorelli, is also an artist and designer of beautiful clothes. Linda Ramone is of course on hand; she styles and critiques the looks of the vision. It was just a fertile environment for creative thinking. That in itself is a cool story. Another, was getting my face painted green and noticing an interesting new persona I can add to visually accompany my music. It’s an expansion of using the holograms to communicate our plastic realities and dreams. It’s all images and sound and feeling.

View the music video for the song “Crimson Velvet Saddle Boots”.


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