When you can count the likes of Clutch as fans, it’s clear that the band in question deserve to be given a chance. Hailing from Maryland, Lionize have been at the music game since 2004 and have a sound rooted in hard rock, but also incorporate the likes of reggae, funk and dub just to name a few. It’s safe to say that Lionize is not afraid to take a chance and experiment with their sound.

Nuclear Soul is the follow-up to 2014’s brilliant Jetpack Soundtrack and the quality has in no way suffered! Kicking off in the true sound of Lionize, we are treated with an into of Hammond organ perfection for “Darkest Timeline”. This tune encapsulates all the elements that make this band so unique. “Faces of Mars” keeps the momentum going with a sweet twist of blues and funk ideal for dancing like no one is watching. It really is a track of multiple levels.

“Fire in Athena” is slower than those that have come before but builds up to a funky amazing tune that will have you singing away to the chorus. It is, at least for me, one of the standout songs on this album with strong and emotionally-driven lyrics. “Election Year” is another big tune with a slightly melancholy story of paranoia about an encounter with an individual with deep seeded thoughts of conspiracy’s involving the government. Like many Lionize tunes, there is a slight sci-fi influence in their storytelling.

In conclusion, the fact that Lionize can produce songs that fuse genres as well as tell some thought-provoking stories is a winning combination. I would strongly recommend that you add this band to your listening roster as you may discover your next favourite act.

Nuclear Soul Track Listing:

01. Darkest Timeline
02. Faces of Mars
03. Fire in Athena
04. Power Grid Blues
05. Aint it a Shame
06. Election Year
07. March of the Clones
08. Let You Down
09. The Mad Scientist of Sunshine
10. Nuclear Sound
11. Blindness to Danger

Run Time: 49:22
Release Date: September 8, 2017

Check out the guys’ single “Fire in Athena” today!