It’s Friday, so that means new music is out and people are scrambling to check out new stuff. But with the thousands of newly-available songs, what should hear? Good thing you’ve got us to point you in the right direction! While we can’t tell you what to do, try as we might, we strongly encourage you to spend your next 4 minutes and 7 seconds on planet earth watching our debut of the video for the “Lovers & Haters” single from Furiosa, the brainchild of LA native, Jonah Nimoy. Check the clip, buy the single via iTunes, and above all else, get to know this artist.

Nimoy wrote a letter and put it in the mail to a random address before either of us knew of the other… miraculously, the letter arrived at our offices and in it was 1 small piece of paper which read:

“‘Lovers & Haters’ is a song about the faults of seeking attention through the narrow scope of social media, comparing the need for internet attention and presence, or better yet known as ‘likes’, to the addictiveness of various hard drugs. In this dark, comedic take on the subject, we take you into a reality where kids are dying left and right just to get a ‘like’, and how it’s truly a battle never won.”


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