We are very excited to be bringing you the premiere of Gritty Music City blues rock band, Year of October’s new single “Lost!” The song comes from the very soon to be released album Trouble Comes which drops in, when else but October! “Lost” is a heavy blues rock track with chunky guitar tones and a classic rock beat.

Year of October formed at the University of Kentucky in 2010 and is the passion project of Phlecia and Josh Sullivan. The duo combine their diverse influences, ranging from Led Zeppelin and The Beatles on Josh’s side to Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald On Phlecia’s side. Previously, the duo released the albums Stories and then their sophomore release Golden Days. Regarding their influences, Phlecia commented, “We like to take influences from all genres of music. We find inspiration in everything and I think if something is good then it doesn’t necessarily have to sound just like us to be a major influence.”

Year of October have built a solid following through the Southern United States, playing over 250 concerts across the south. Regarding “Lost,” the duo said, “The song is about being lost in the world and in your own head. It is about overthinking things and not being able to figure out who you are and what you’re supposed to do.”