Take five seasoned musicians and dump them into a legendary Toronto venue with a capacity of 550 people – add liquor and beer and some sizzling rock and roll and you have the makings of a fine night indeed!

The Dead Daisies is Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe/The Scream), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake), Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne/Billy Idol) and David Lowy (Red Phoenix/Mink). They have three studio albums, two EPs and a newly released live double LP under their belts. The new live album is the impetus for this current run of North American dates, the majority of the songs on Live & Louder were performed this evening.

For most of the fans in the room this evening, everyone on stage aside from the lesser familiar (but no less talented) David Lowy are very familiar faces. The level of big-stadium professionalism we got in a small room this evening was like a little piece of magic, a feeling that I saw reflected in most of the patrons during this performance. As I stood at the very corner of the stage watching Brian Tichy do his mind-bending drum solo, I muttered something out loud professing how awe-struck I was. I didn’t realize that Marco Mendoza had walked up right behind me, and he popped his hand on my shoulder and gave me the thumbs up, nodding along at my statement. It was THAT kind of an up-close-and-personal experience, seeing the band in a venue like Lee’s Palace.

The Dead Daisies performed the majority of the songs on Make Some Noise, one of the best gems of hard rock released in 2016. We got covers of ‘Fortunate Son’, ‘Join Together’, ‘Helter Skelter,’ ‘We’re an American Band’ and ‘Midnight Moses’, along with snippets of ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,’ ‘La Bamba,’ ‘Black Night,’ ‘Run To The Hills,’ and ‘Heaven And Hell’ performed as each of the band members were introduced.

Brian Tichy did indeed perform one of the finest drum solos I’ve ever seen, bashing out the second half of it using only his hands. Doug Aldrich shredded up a storm all night long alongside David Lowy. Marco Mendoza tossed numerous picks into the audience as he worked his magic on the bass. And John Corobi swaggered his way through the entire evening like the consummate front-man that he is. Tonight was a total celebration of rock and roll. We were so lucky to witness a performance like this in such a small venue. Everyone in the room (musicians included) was getting off on that vibe from start to finish.

The Dead Daisies setlist:
Long Way to Go
Make Some Noise
Song and a Prayer
Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover)
We All Fall Down
Guitar Solo
Last Time I Saw the Sun
Drum Solo
Join Together (The Who cover)
All the Same
With You and I
Devil Out of Time
Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover)
We’re an American Band (Grand Funk Railroad cover)
Midnight Moses (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band cover)


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