Sydney heavy metal band Justice For The Damned have shared a stream of their new track “No Flowers On Your Grave.” The song features Jazmine Luders of Perth’s Cursed Earth on vocals. The song is from their highly anticipated debut album Dragged Through The Dirt.

“At last we are now able to let everyone hear one of the most unrelenting tracks off of our upcoming album”, guitarist Nick Adams explains, “We can safely say that this is one we’ve been rather anxious to show everyone as it is one of our favourite songs. A lyrically turbulent song, it tells the tale of the crushing sadness we feel when watching someone you love deeply turn their back on you so carelessly. On this song we invited one of our dearest friends, Jazmine Luders to join us in a fierce lyrical movement and we’re sure everyone will agree with us in saying that she absolutely nailed it. We hope everyone enjoys it just as much as we do.