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Goatwhore – “Vengeful Ascension” [Album Review]

Anything short of utter scum would be a disappointment when it comes to the latest offering from New Orleans heavyweights Goatwhore. Read our review to see if Vengeful Ascension lives down to expectations!



Anything short of absolute scum would be a disappointment when it comes to Vengeful Ascension, the latest offering from New Orleans metallers Goatwhore. So, it is with great pleasure that I can inform you that Vengeful Ascension won’t let you down.

A brutal, uncompromising slab of metal, Vengeful Ascension wastes no time in getting down to business with opener “Forsaken” careering into view all raucous, old-school metal riffs and throat-shredding vocals. Yes, it’s a blueprint Goatwhore stick to religiously throughout the duration of Vengeful Ascension but it is one that, judging by the likes of “Chaos Arcane” and the utterly feral closer “Those Who Denied God’s Will”, where they really ramp up their game, Goatwhore do oh-so-fucking-well. In fact there are plenty of moments littered through out the raw, menacing display where, even at this stage in their career, Goatwhore find that extra litre of gas in the tank to push them on.

With song titles like “Drowned In Grim Rebirth” and “Decayed Omen Reborn”, Vengeful Ascension delivers exactly what it sets out to deliver. Whether it’s the raw, distorted riffing or Ben Falgoust’s unholy howls, Vengeful Ascension is as metal an album as you could want. Posers, don’t waste your time with this one.

Vengeful Ascension Track Listing:

01. Forsaken
02. Under The Flesh, Into The Soul
03. Vengeful Ascension
04. Chaos Arcane
05. Where The Sun Is Silent
06. Drowned In Grim Rebirth
07. Abandon Indoctrination
08. Mankind Will Have No Mercy
09. Decayed Omen Reborn
10. Those Who Denied God’s Will

Run Time: 41:59
Release Date: June 23, 2017

Check out “Vengeful Ascension” here:

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