Swedish death metallers Entrails has revealed the track “World Inferno,” the title track to their latest Metal Blade Records album. Entrails began recording World Inferno in December 2016 in Lundqvist’s Bloodshed Studio. The band again enlisted Dan Swano to handle the mixing and mastering of the album.

Guitarist Jimmy Lundqvist commented, “It feels just insane to be finally unleashing the third single from our upcoming album. And with this album title song we speed it up once again and make it all into a big Inferno of Swedeath in our way. With this said – turn up the volume to 11 and be fed with World Inferno!”

World Inferno Track Listing:

01. World Inferno
02. Condemned to the Grave
03. Serial Murder (Death Squad)
04. The Soul Collector
05. Dead and Buried
06. Insane Slaughter
07. Into Eternal Fire
08. Suffer
09. The Hour of the Casket
10. The Blood Breed