Twelve albums into a solo career, you’d think Paul Weller would be taking it easy these days but, as the release of his twelfth solo album, A Kind Of Revolution, kick starts the fortieth year since he released his first album with The Jam, In The City, it seems like the idea of relaxing and putting his feet up couldn’t be further from Mr.Weller’s mind.

Of course, A Kind Of Revolution is far from the raucous, snotty punk rock that Weller and the Jam battered out twenty-five albums ago but, even so, it’s nice to see the iconic rock vocalist heading into the fourth decade of his career clearly still enjoying what he does and with plenty of friends from all generations wanting to join him on this record, who’s to blame him for kicking back and jamming his way through a fairly relaxing listen.

From the disco swagger of Boy George joining him on “One Tear” to Josh Mclorey of The Strypes who provides the guitars for “Satellite Kid” and “Saturn’s Pattern”, by the sounds of it, this entire album was created from ideas Weller threw about in his rehearsal studio. From blues rock to soul, A Kind Of Revolution certainly won’t disappoint the hordes of Weller devotees.

Paul Weller turns sixty next May and there are very few musicians from the modern era, if any, who will have that kind of lasting career. To that we raise our glasses and, while A Kind Of Revolution may be more of a laid back listen than the soundtrack to an actual revolution, it’s still a worthy addition to your collection.

A Kind Revolution Track Listing:

01. Woo Sé Mama
02. Nova
03. Long Long Road
04. She Moves with the Fayre
05. The Cranes are Back
06. Hopper
07. New York
08. One Tear
09. Satellite Kid
10. The Impossible Idea

Run Time:42:49
Release Date: May 12, 2017

Check out the track “Satellite Kid”:

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