People look for different things when listening to music, which is funny ‘cause looking at something usually utilizes eyes, and eyes can’t see music… at least on this planet, as far as I know. I could be wrong. HOWEVER, I’m a huge fan of hearing a story when I listen to music or at least feel like I’m being taken on a journey, either sonically or lyrically, and I feel like the tell-tale sign of a sick prog metal band is their ability to create a cohesive, full circle story over the course of a song and better yet, the duration of an album.

If you too like these things, then Endless Disconnect by No Sin Evades His Gaze is a super-easy sell. These dudes are British, which I find amusing because simply from listening to the album, you can tell that they’re European. I think it’s the power metal undertone mixed with groove metal, a Scar Symmetry–Tesseract love baby with Jens Kidman (from Meshuggah)‘s crazy eyes. The guitar riffs are aplenty, grooves abound, and vocals epic with a bed of string/synths complementing the heavy. “If Only To Fall” also has a solo with just the right ratio of shreddy to tasteful.

Lots of thought seems to have gone into the songwriting of these jamz, especially the carefully crafted transitions that will seamlessly take you from blast beats to valleys of synths and thought provoking vocals. If there’s one thing that I’d like to communicate to the band, it’s that there were several moments where I golf clapped their creativity. An example – I love panning rhythm guitar riffs/breakdowns (See track 8).

Endless Disconnect Track Listing:

01. Endless Disconnect
02. Heavy Days
03. Human
04. You Can’t Save Me
05. Doomsday Generation
06. If Only To Fall
07. Without Condemnation
08. I Decide
09. Feels A Lot Like Hell
10. Wish Away

Run Time: 37:56
Release Date: May 12, 2017

Check out the video for the song “If Only To Fall”