Like most small towns in the Midwestern United States, when winter hits things tend to slow down. So what the two most handsomely large beards in Iowa decided to do during these cold months, was plug into pile of amps and record a mammoth of an album. While not uncommon to hear of a two piece band nowadays, what Telekinetic Yeti has managed to do is make a two man band sound like a ten person beat down.

The album kicks off with the crushing title tune “Abominable” and is a heavy swinging stoner metal song. And even with the absence of a bass player the tone of the album is set with the weight of a supernova as it crashes through 8 unpredictable but groovy prehistoric rock tracks, think Mastodon and High on Fire influences. But what is the highlight of the album is the aggressive kick off of the second quarter on the album, the four minute assault of “Stoned and Feathered”. All the talent and all the take home aspects of the album fold in on this song and creates a lust for more.

When asked, I find it difficult to turn a newcomer in the direction of an album that can sum up or best represent stoner or doom metal. What these Iowa back country boys have given us, and on a debut album mind you, is the best from all sides. Heavy, groovy, loud, you name it, it will be on this album for a beginner or a seasoned doom vet to soak up. Hopefully this is not the last of these two and hopefully we will be seeing this album on a lot of “Best of” lists by years end.

Abominable Track Listing:

01. Abominable
02. Electronaut
03. Stoned And Feathered
04. Colossus
05. Lightbearer
06. Apophis
07. Beneath The Black Sun
08. Himalayan Hymn

Run Time: 41:31
Release Date: March 17, 2017

Check out “Stoned And Feathered”