Two-piece German blues rockers, The Picturebooks, have just released their sophomore album Home is a Heartache via Another Century Records and are streaming the song “Wardance.”

Said the band of the track, “‘Wardance’ is one of our favorite tracks on the album. The choir you hear in the background is sung by our best friends. When you listen closely, you can hear people going crazy, screaming and shouting at the end of the song. We basically told them to ‘let it all out’ and they went freaking crazy! After seeing us perform live, people often told us that it felt like some kind of ceremony and we were performing our wardance. That was our main inspiration for the song. We often talk visuals before we start writing a song. For us, it’s important to have a picture in our head that we want to see and feel when we play, hear and perform our music.”

Home is a Heartache Track Listing:

01. Seen Those Days
02. Wardance
03. Home Is A Heartache
04. Fire Keeps Burning
05. On These Roads I’ll Die
06. I Need That Oooh
07. The Murderer
08. Zero Fucks Given
09. Cactus
10. I Came A Long Way For You
11. Get Gone
12. Bad Habits Die Hard
13. Heathen Love
14. Inner Demons

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